Iron Mongery


We specialise in authentic period reproduction hardware and also have many original pieces in stock.
All reproduction items of ironmongery are made using traditional methods of casting and finishing to produce the highest quality and design.

Styles include Georgian, Regency, Victorian through to Edwardian.


Originals Rim Locks Rim Latches Cuboard Knobs
Antique Rim Locks Rim Latches Cupboard Knobs
Knobs and Leavers Knockers Finger Plates Escutcheons
Door Knobs and Leavers Knockers  Finger Plates Escutcheons
Door Lock Covers Letterboxes Door Pulls Bell Pulls
Door Lock Covers  Letter Boxes  Door Pulls Bell Pulls  
Door Bolts Toilet Roll Holders
Door Bolts  Toilet Roll Holders